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How to be Healed of Dementia Through Christ

Updated: 2 days ago

Educational video on the possibility of healing from Dementia through the power of Jesus Christ.

Who is Jackie Lenzy, Certified Dementia Practitioner

  • Certified Dementia Practitioner for the “National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.”

  • Former Ministry Group Leader at Victory Christian Center in the area of Alzheimer’s & Dementia Training and Caregiver Education;

  • Former Leader of the Senior Fun and Fellowship Activities.

  • Former Education Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association, Oklahoma Chapter.

Jackie develops and delivers education programs to families, caregivers, volunteers, pastors, church congregations, healthcare professionals, and community groups, concerning Alzheimer’s disease; related dementia and caregiving strategies.

She has trained professionals in the following disciplines:

  • Foundation of Dementia Care Master

  • Maintain Your Brain

  • Activity Based Alzheimer Care Master

  • Approaching Alzheimer’s: First Response

  • Professional Compassion Fatigue vs. Burnout

  • Certified Advanced Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care

Mrs. Lenzy develops simulations and trains professionals and family caregivers on what it’s like to have dementia and the stress it causes on the caregiver. She is a consultant, motivational speaker, trainer, and teacher, providing presentations from a faith-based approach, and is the author of the mini-book (Alzheimer’s disease: “What the Word of God says about the Mind, the Disease and Healing”).

Jackie has been trained and commissioned as a leader of the Cancer Treatment Center of America’s “Our Journey of Hope”: Cancer Care Ministry. Her purpose is to train leaders in the Church, provide pastors, ministry leaders, people of faith and people in the community a biblical, intellectual and practical foundation for Cancer Care Ministries, which includes mind, body and spirit tools to minister to those with cancer and their families through equipping and support.

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