Faith Based Approach To Alzheimer's disease 
                    "What the Word of God says about the Mind, the Disease Healing"    

Jackie Lenzy, BS,BA,CDP Motivational Speaker & Teacher

"Is There Not A Cause?"

Alzheimer's Disease:What The Word of God says about the Mind, the Disease and Healing
             "The Mini Book"
         On Sale Now
Jackie Lenzy
PO Box 1234
Jenks, Ok. 74037

918-510-6062 or 918-606-8131

Condensed Mini Book offers Quick Tips on:

  •  Facts about Alzheimer's 

  • What you can do to reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer's?

  • What is God's answer to Alzheimer's?

  • What must I do to Change My Situation?

  • Learn what to pray

  • See Yourself Healed

  • Daily Confession-Prayers of Thanksgiving

"When the World doesn't have the CURE" 
                      "God Does"!
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Alzheimer's Disease: The Mini Book
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