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Alzheimer's disease:What the Word of God says About the Mind, the Disease & Healing
Mini-Book Endorsements
Sharon Daugherty, Senior Pastor, Victory Christian Center- Alzheimer’s disease has robbed the lives of many people. As a pastor, I have prayed for people through the years to be healed of various diseases, and I have seen many miracles. In this book, you will get understanding about Alzheimer’s as well as receive hope and encouragement from scripture in how to believe for healing and to relate to people who have suffered from the disease.  

Pastor Edwin Miranda- Sister Lenzy did a great job: This book shows the facts about the disease so people can be educated. At the same time bring the Word of God and God’s promises of healing, giving hope to many. Jesus is exalted and His promises are true. As people read this book they will learn how to identify the symptoms, and how to reduce their chances of developing the disease and help other family members. I like the fact that Mrs. Lenzy brings Jesus into the scene and instructs the people on how to receive Jesus and His healing power. May this book bring hope and healing to many, in Jesus name. 

Mark Fried, President/CEO, Alzheimer’s Association Oklahoma- Jackie Lenzy’s knowledge of dementia, understanding of its impact and ability to communicate hope through faith is a critical message families need to hear.

Chandini Sharma, M.D., Geriatrics & Palliative Care, OSU Medical Group- Unique Work. The author has so brilliantly weaved the Word into the understanding of this devastating disease, implying that with faith there is always hope. 

Margaret Love, MSW, CMC, Caregiver Counselor- Kudos’s to Jackie Lenzy, who is offering a ray of hope to patients with
the disease and their caregivers with a spiritual boldness to believe God’s Word is true.

Gail Bieber, LCSW, V.P. of Programs Alzheimer’s Association, Oklahoma and Arkansas Chapter -This mini-book is a source of knowledge and God’s love for those who are experiencing the devastation of the Alzheimer’s disease process. Mrs. Lenzy has taken the Word of God to provide peace and hope to all those in need.
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